How to start schedule job using Soap UI?

Lately some of my schedule jobs did NOT kick off for some reason, some day it works fine other day it doesn't. To work around this I would have to go into the schedule and clone the job and submit it as "Right Now" then come back and edit the scheduler by change the date or time then apply the changes so it can update the scheduler again.

1. Is anyone encounter this error before and how do you resolve this?

  1. Is there a way to kick off the schedule job if not kick off by itself base on the date and time? Is there Soap API call that I can do to kick off the schedule job? I just wanted to kick off the schedule job since it already has the permission set in the scheduler already.

Please let me know.

Kham Sackpraseuth


  • Using UI can solve this but printer offline fix helped me a lot to get this as a scheduled job can be easily achieved by using Unix.

  • Hi @Kham Sackpraseuth,

    Thank you for participating in the OpenText forums. Can you please clarify which OpenText product this inquiry is for? I can move it to a new location where there are more experts to review.

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  • This is for Actuate report. I am looking for a way to kick off the job in the Actuate scheduler so that way I don't have to set the permission for the report again. Currently the Actuate Scheduler sometime doesn't kick off the job even though it suppose to run but for whatever reason it did not kick off the job so I have to manually clone the schedule job and run it manually then go back in to the scheduler job and update the date so it can schedule it for the next run.

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  • Sorry to redirect you again, but the forum to ask about job scheduling issues is:

    Also, in the "Resources" menu at the top of this page is a link to "Documentation". Navigate to your version of the product. There is a document called "Reporting and Information Hub APIs Programmer Guide" that discusses the APIs for scheduling and submitting jobs.

    Jeff F.
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