Multi Value in Cascading parameter at all levels

Hi Everyone,

I researched a lot and was not able to find a perfect or nearby solution to allow MultiValue Select in Cascading parameter at all levels of the cascading parameter. I found a devshare post devShare post:, but its not of any use to me as i can't change the jsp file or I can'e change any file of eclipse. Please give me a solution or any near to alternative solution so that i can resolve my problem...



  • The question is for BIRT Report.

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    Hi Anshul,

    I cannot access the devshare link you posted. I confirmed that multi-select only works on the last level when cascading. I did some searching, but I did not find an example of how to add mutli-select to all levels. It appears that enhancement requests have been filed to add this functionality to both open source and commercial BIRT.

    You can use JSAPI to create a custom parameter page. Here are some useful links:

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  • Thanks Jeff.
    i will try the link you have mentioned and will let you know.
  • Hi Anshul/Jeff,

    The link to the DevShare post seems to be posted on multiple discussion boards but it does not work for me. I've been trying to find a solution to the same problem you were having. Were you ever able to make progress regarding using JSAPI to create a custom parameter page.

    I am missing the link between creating the webpage and connecting it to AnalyticsDesigner. Can I enter the script directly on top of the report in "ClientScript" or another?

    Any advice will help tons!


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