Show Registered Table in D2


If I create a Query Form which contains the DQL for a registered table, is it possible for properties widget to show case the relevant row from the registered table?
The only other way to accomplish this is to create contentless objects but I'm checking the possibilities of using Registered table instead in D2.

Hope to find some answers :)


  • I don't believe so. Properties widget queries dm_type table to describe the attribute info for objects. There is no comparable data type definition for registered tables. I think contentless object is the only OOTB approach.

  • I tried something which I don't know if its recommended though, but gets the job done:

    • created a custom type with super type dm_registered
    • treated that custom type table as a registered table and made some entries into the table
    • used the properties widget to showcase necessary attributes

    Its actually contentless object, but not actually "object" per say but a database record which serves the purpose of showcasing attributes necessary.

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    All "objects" in Documentum are database records. The server manages the job of joining tables to support object inheritance.

    I wasn't aware that you could create super type of dm_registered. Good to know.

  • Agree! :smile:

    But I wonder if there'd be an "object" in the filestore if the super type is dm_registered. Although dm_registered's super type is dm_sysobject.

    My way of thinking was, let we create custom type inherited from dm_document, when we try to create objects of that type, it does create file objects in the filestore, would that be avoided if the super type is dm_registered.

    I tried to check dmr_content and also getpath for the newly created objects, there isn't any filestore objects created for these, which was my intention.

  • Filestore is only used when content is imported. Content metadata is stored in database, so you wont see any content files for your dm_registered object.

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