[DFC_SECURITY_IDENTITY_INIT] Error while creating session from DFC


I am trying to create the session using DFC code.
While creating session I am getting below error

[http-nio-8080-exec-3] ERROR com.documentum.fc.client.security.impl.IdentityManager - [DFC_SECURITY_IDENTITY_INIT] no identity initialization or incomplete identity initialization
java.lang.SecurityException: Algorithm not allowable in FIPS140 mode: FIPS186Random

Can any one help me to solve this issue?

@Documentumguru @DFC @dfc @documentumsavvy


  • Hello
    Did you manage to find a resolution?

    I am getting same error in my LDAP configuration

    LDAP directory connection/validation problem--Algorithm not allowable in FIPS140 mode: FIPS186Random

    DA version : 16.4.0060.0012


  • It may be that 16.4 doesn't support FIPS186 yet. I would submit ticket with OpenText support to confirm if/when this will be supported.

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