Error while uploading file using DCTM Rest with Postman

Hi All,

I am trying to upload a file using DCTM Rest with POSTMAN from my local environment.When I send in the object and content , I am getting error 'E_INPUT_MESSAGE_NOT_READABLE' as below.
Can someone please help.



  • Hi Experts, is it possible to use postman with DCTM REST for uploading documents?

  • I suppose your multipart MIME payload is not correct. Did you checkout the examples in the Documentum REST 16.4 Reference Guide. It includes example payloads. Which REST resource are using?

    Hicham Bahi
    Consulting Services

  • I got the solution, In the header we need not use the content-type as "application/vnd.emc.documentum+json" which I was adding explicitly while sending the request.

  • i am facing the same issue could you please share me the steps which you have done to resolve this issue

  • Which DCTM Rest war version are you using? Please use the DCTM Rest 7.3 patch 22 version and above.

  • dctmRest 16.4

  • thank u, My issue is resolved

  • Will you be able to share the screenshot of each tab to see what is wrong.

  • that's great

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