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MongoDB & Birt Aggregation

I'm trying to create reports in BIRT, but I'm getting some errors when I execute an aggregation command to join two or more collections. Is there a way to properly execute the queries, like a patch or a fix?
The following error shows as follow:
org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.OdaException: Unable to run the Aggregate command operation.

Check that your connected MongoDB server is version 2.2 or later. ;
com.mongodb.CommandFailureException: { "serverUsed" : "myhost:27017" , "ok" : 0.0 , "errmsg" : "The 'cursor' option is required, except for aggregate with the explain argument" , "code" : 9 , "codeName" : "FailedToParse"}...

How can I use the 'cursor' option in the command? Is there another way to join two or more collections in BIRT?

I'll be grateful if I get an answer.


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