How to auto - refresh the report in iHub server.

Hello everyone,

I wrote a logic for report auto-refresh for every 2 minutes, the report was running in IHub server but after 3rd refresh, my account was signing out from the server dont why it was happening.
So, i have updated the logic and ran the report in iHub server where it was working fine up to 4 hours, after that it was showing the "Report Render failed" error. Please find the logic below:

**var reportName1 = reportContext.getReportRunnable().getReportName();

//Build the URL for re-execution of the report
var targetURL = "" + encodeURIComponent(reportName1);
targetURL += "&invokeSubmit=true&__wait=wait&__newWindow=false";**

Could anyone please help me why i am getting such errors.
Please suggest me if you have any new logic for report Auto-Refresh.


Thanks & Regards,
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