Documentum migration from one platform to another

Just wondering if anyone has done any migration from one platform to another recently.

Content Server 7.3 running on AIX/DB2

Content Server 16.4 running on Windows/SQL Server

I was wondering if we could use the "docbase cloning" approach. Trying to see if we can do this migration without a 3rd party migration tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Yes you can but it will take some reverse engineering to figure out the differences between an AIX/DB2 installation and a Windows/SQL Server one, e.g. dm_location, dm_plugin, dm_method objects, etc. After cloning, you will need to patch all these things before attempting to start the Content Server. Start with creating a new docbase on Windows/SQL Server and compare with your AIX/DB2 docbase.

    Hicham Bahi
    Consulting Services

  • The biggest concern I would have is the migration of the data from DB2 to SQL server, since each db has its own schema and potentially different implementations of views and other stored procedures that the Content Server uses differently for each db. I haven't don't this, so I cant say for sure if this really problematic or not. Migrating from one OS to another is less complex, since Opentext has built different installation binaries for each OS.

  • Interesting - We ant to move from Oracle to SQL Server as well for Azure compatibility.
    Any news on the subject?

  • Truly you can however it will take some figuring out to make sense of the contrasts between an AIX/DB2 establishment and a Windows/SQL Server one, for example dm_location, dm_plugin, dm_method objects, and so forth. In the wake of cloning, you should fix every one of these things before endeavoring to begin the Content Server. Begin with making another doc base on Windows/SQL Server and contrast and your AIX/DB2 doc base.

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