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Total by color, grouping, chart

Hi all,
I have a requirement where I need to apply highlight to present data by color ie =1 and <80 red, = 81 and 130 yellow, =131 and 500 green
and count the color based on grouping ( city) , then count the each color ie red 2, yellow 4, Green 6 so I can show each city on the chart (x) and count of each color on (y) separably? if I apply aggregation if would just total all, what is the best approach please


  • sample data and report attached, data have provided above is example, attached file has some data

  • wwilliamswwilliams Junior Member

    Have you tried Properties-> Highlight

  • Hi,
    there are three columns that need to be presented on Y series on the chart, I can check that by creating multiple series but each column return 3 different values Low, Medium and high, so I want to count each of them and present total of low , total of Midium and total of High for each X series

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