Cannot view documents images pdf doc jpeg tiff formats in taskspace


I cannot view images documents pdf/doc/jpeg/tiff format in-fact nothing visible in taskspace application.

Could anyone let ,me know if it's access permissions issue ?

I have used my service account with sys admin privileges and my user account with ts_designer, queue_processor,form_designer roles
Do I need any other acl permissions or configuration to be done for taskspace user interface to access/view the documents/images in doc pdf jpeg tiff format?

Please help me Dctm _guru or anyone?

Appreciate your response.

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  • If you can view object attributes (e.g object_name), then its a problem with you taskspace viewer configuration for those image types.

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    Hi Dctm_Guru,

    In-order to view the documents on taskspace , I have used service account which is admin account having all kind of privileges and assigned ts_designer, form_designer roles as well. Still there is issue accessing the files/documents under the cabinets/Folders. Is there any configuration to be done wrt document viewing post installation of Document Image Services(DIS) on the App Server machine(Tomcat) where we have the taskspace application deployed in-order to integrate with DIS?

    Whenever a user selects to open or view a document within TaskSpace, it appears on the Open Items tab using the configured viewer for the document file type. However, if the user selects to view a document and there is no viewer configured for the document file type, the document opens in its native application. The following document viewers are supported:

    The IGC Brava!, Daeja, and PAS viewers all support creating and viewing annotations, but Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, OpenOffice, and the Browser do not support any annotation manipulation.

    As we know, Document Image Services provides support for image oriented documents and is designed to support a range of viewers. Features include:
    • Page serving: Provides enhanced performance by returning pages one at a time for TIFF and PDF formats, enabling supported viewers to display the first page while the remainder of the document continues to download. (Page serving does not apply to secure PDF files.).Document Image Services also integrates with Accelerated Content Services (ACS) and Branch Office Caching Services (BOCS) to provide efficient and quick access to frequently used documents.
    • Annotations: Enables some viewers to save annotation files along with documents.(Only the PAS, Daeja ViewOne Pro, or IGC Brava! viewers support annotations.)
    • Use with TaskSpace: Can be used to integrate and configure one or more of the supported image viewers with TaskSpace.

    The ability to integrate viewers into document templates created in Forms Builder simplifies the viewing of documents and document information from TaskSpace.
    Note: Use of a document viewer in TaskSpace requires Document Image Services.

    Hope this should suffice. Kindly let me know further.?

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    "...if the user selects to view a document and there is no viewer configured for the document file type."

    As I said in my previous post, you need to configure viewer for various format types (e.g. pdf, tiff, gif, etc).

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    There is a viewer document viewer: Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader and Document Image Services must be configured to it.

  • You need to map Viewer for each format type b/c different apps can open different file types, so Taskspace allows you to configure whatever app you want to open file type.

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    yes pdf format is configured to the document viewer Acrobat PDF reader and likewise any configuration wrt document Image services, to be done on taskspace configuration node to view the documents?

  • Yes, but your question also mentioned doc, jpeg, and tiff. Acrobat wont be able to read these file formats, so you need to pick another viewer.

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    okay thank you

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