Issue with parameter values when embedding design in dashboard

Good afternoon, all!

I have a report which uses two parameter values (Month / Year) that I scripted to find what the previous month is, and the current year (or previous year if the previous month is December). The parameter values populate correctly when I run the report in designer and when run on iHub outside of the dashboard, but, when I overwrote the previous version of the design being used in the dashboard, the parameters default to the 'old' report's values. I have the parameters set in the dashboard design to 'Display parameter as part of the gadget'.

Any thoughts as to why the correct values aren't populating?



  • Hi Scott,

    There is a known issue with dynamically setting default values for parameters on dashboards. The workaround is to set the default value of the parameter to null in the report. In the beforeFactory event of the report, check for null and change the parameter value to the value that you want.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Jeff,

    Hi! Thanks for the tip! Will definitely give it a try.

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