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Can you please identify for me how the Documentum uses SMTP and what needs to be updated to make the change from ABCSMTP to MAIL.DEF.XY.GOV ?

I just need to know if it is something we can do easily enough and if it is involved with the workflow source code or JWebServices ?

Kindly throw some light on this issue.

Appreciate your response.

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  • It uses what mail app is configured on the OS on the content server. Have you ever of heard Google? Searching "Documentum smtp server" returns this:

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    yes I did search for this link I have explored the whole article but is there a way to configure the inbox using MS Exchange Server instead of SMTP through DA/DQL and mainly DFC workflow method or so? If so could you list the classes/methods used from the respective packages used etc.?

  • Not sure what you are asking. You can SMTP/POP3 with MS Exchange.

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    I wanted to know the configuration/customization using DFC/DFS API methods/classes/Interfaces, if needed for SMTP->MS Exchange Server to send notifications to mail box.

  • The Bluefish link shows how to configure Documentum to use SMTP to automatically send emails to users when something is placed in their Documentum Inbox. If you want to send custom email, you will need to write your own method using java.mail.

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    We could configure the SMTP server to automatically send emails to users when something is placed in their Documentum Inbox, through DA or through DQL/API too on the dm_server_config object and set mail_method attribute for the same?

    But we would need to code it using the methods/classes from the java.mail package?

    Could you suggest the link to the code to do my enhancements/custom methods?

  • 1) This is done be default. You don't have to configure mail_method attributes as long as the SMTP service is running on Content Server
    2) Java mail package is you want to send custom email independent of Documentum inbox event

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    Thank you could you send me the link for the custom code java.mail package utilizing the corresponding methods/classes/Interfaces from the API package?

  • What custom code? Its java class. If you want to know how to write java code, try Google.

  • SmelanathurSmelanathur Technical Architect

    I didn't mean literally for the java.mail code Dctm_guru...Kindly do not misinterpret. I meant to know more about any other JWebservice or other classes/methods referenced from BPS Integration method/workflow method from DFC/DFS API?

  • If you are using BPS integration, then you don't need custom java mail method. The Process Builder provides activities that allows you to configure mail messages without having to write code.

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