Documentum 16.4 - Best and Fast way to export large data to CSV


We have image data for 22 million records in Documentum.
Need to export values of 2 columns to a CSV file. The query looks like below.

SELECT object_name, r_object_id
FROM dm_document
WHERE folder('/GBSCaptivaAPV/MicroScan')

What is the best and fast way to export results of this query to a CSV file?
We have DqMan installed.

Appreciate your help!

Thank You.


  • The fastest way would to export the desired columns directly from database client. Run your DQL in DA and check "show sql" checkbox. This will give you want you need to run your query in your SQL client. Then use whatever export option is provided by your SQL client.

  • Thank you @DCTM_Guru Will try this.

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