dm_agent_exec program does not start while starting docbase

dm_agent_exec program does not start while starting docbase service.
It comes up however with standalone execution.
Content server version is 7.2
Has someone faced this issue that docbase service startup does not start agent exec program for that docbase. Any insight would be great.
Thank you.


  • Hi,

    Check the agent_launcher attribute value of dm_server_config object, You can use the below DQL,
    DQL> select agent_launcher from dm_server_config

    This should be set to "agent_exec_method" by default. This value in this attribute will start the agent exec process while starting the docbase.

    Hope this helps:)

    Hari Gadhamsetty
    Architect, Consulting Services

  • take backup on agentexec.lck and delete the file then restart the docbase
    else start only agentexec
    ./dm_agent_exec -docbase_name <> -docbase_owner <>

  • You will want to check the agent_exec_method. Likely the method verb is incorrect. You need to ensure that the verb is specific to the OS you are using. ie using a ./ for Linux or .\ for Windows

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

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