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Create New Form in XCP Designer 16.4.1 shows white empty form without even the widgets palette.

I'm trying to create a new form in XCP Designer 16.4.1, but it keeps showing me a white empty form without even the widgets palette. and the designer log is showing these errors.

2019-05-21T13:35:41.723 ERROR [Tmain] [com.emc.xcp.uitemplate.ui.view.canvas.browserfunction.JavaLogBrowserFunction:37] PageEditor Error: Expected ':'

2019-05-21T13:35:41.739 ERROR [Tmain] [com.emc.xcp.uitemplate.ui.view.canvas.browserfunction.JavaLogBrowserFunction:37] PageEditor Error: Unable to get property 'initLogging' of undefined or null reference

Thank you for your help


  • I have also this error in the designer log
    ERROR [TStart Level: Equinox Container: 7047a2c5-4fec-48f6-87f2-0be2901adc82] [com.documentum.fc.common.impl.logging.LoggingConfigurator:56] Problem locating log4j configuration

  • The problem was in the .index file, i removed it and re-opened the designer and it worked

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