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Hi all,
I have not so big experience with BIRT, but I am using it for some of my projects.
Now I need to read in report some files in specified directory. I need to display a table with list of the file names which are in the directory.

Does anyone have idea how to do this? Which type of Data Set connection I should use and how to configure it?

Thanks in advance!



  • There is a Flat File data source. However, it expects the file to contain rows of comma-separated values (or other standard separators). If the data in the file is not delimitted in a standard way, you will need to use a Scripted Data Source. You will need a Scripted Data Source to get the list of file names as well.

    Create a new Scripted Data Source. Create a new Data Set using the Data Source. In the beforeOpen event of the Data Set, add:


    Then use the java file reader, buffered reader, etc.

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