Embedding JIRA Issue Collector in D2

JIRA allows users to create Issue Collectors and then gives you either html or Java script to embed on your site.

HTML looks like:

Java Script looks like:

url: "http://jiraurl",
type: "get",
cache: true,
dataType: "script"

Has anyone had any luck in finding a place to embed this within D2? We're wanting our users to have an easy way to report software issues, preferably without them having to even leave the software, but thus far I've had no luck in getting this to work.


  • Hi cmcrowder,

    To be able to embed this within D2, you need to take the following steps:

    • Create a web page / web application that does what you want - in such a way that it can be verified to work independently of D2, AND
    • Create an External Widget using D2-Config that points to that web application / web page.

    There are some instructions within the Configuring an External Widget section of the Documentum D2 Administration Guide that provide a good starting point. Also, your environment may already have some external widgets deployed that could serve as a guide for your purposes.

    Hope this helps.


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