Getting Started With OpenText Forums

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Follow these steps to personalize your experience in OpenText Forums:

Display Name

  • If you have not signed in yet, you will be asked to set a Display Name
  • If you want to build your professional reputation, we suggest using FirstName_LastName. However, the choice it yours!
  • NOTE: this display name cannot include spaces.

NOTE: You must sign in to access the FAQ links included in the following steps.

Follow Product Categories

  • All OpenText products have a forum available for our experts to engage in conversation. This means that the list of forums will be quite lengthy, so we have a Follow feature that will refine your list to only those that you choose.

Add your Signature

  • We offer the option to set your signature. This is a one-time setting; your signature will automatically display with each post and comment. Click on the gear icon in the upper right and Edit Profile.

Set Notifications

  • In order to watch all conversations, know when comments are made to your posts, and when you are mentioned, we suggest setting up your email notifications.

Bookmark Posts For Later

  • There will be posts that require more thought - in order to 'flag' posts to quickly find later, try the Bookmark feature.

Locating Your Product Category

  • If you are signed in and do not see your product, please upgrade your account to include My Support access by clicking here.

  • Those with My Support access will see the complete list of all OpenText products. To quickly locate your product, we suggest using ctrl f from the main page.

    • After you select the ones you want to follow, it will be much easier to locate and participate.

  • More FAQs are available to help you get the most out of your OpenText Forums experience.

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