D2 Methods being invoked using dmadmin (who is not the installation owner)

Recently upgraded to D2 16.5 Patch 04 from D2 4.5. After the upgrade the D2Core method is being called using the 'dmadmin' user resulting in Authentication Failure error in JMS logs. dmadmin is not our installation owner account and the method is set to run as installation owner.


  • hqiuhqiu Documentum - SME EM


    do you have dmadmin in your repository?

    if dmadmin is not installation owner , how D2Core is installed as owner of dmadmin?

    Tony Qiu
    Opentext ECD - SME

  • We do have a dmadmin user account which is set up as a super user just for administrative purposes (to be used by admin teams to support users). The installation owner account is a separate user account.

  • In D2 16.4 installation guide page 34 their is a step where in if there is no dmadmin account, then the superuser account is to be added to a xml file.
    "Select the nodmadmin.installparam.xml file if the Documentum Server installation owner is not named dmadmin"

    Guess, D2 uses dmadmin account as default else the account specified in the xml. To fix, you may have to update all D2 methods to run as your installation owner account or install all D2 DAR files using the nodmadmin.installparam.xml file this should reinstall all methods and jobs with proper account.

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