Single WF Model can't instantiate

Hey All,

We've run into a very particular problem using the WF modeler. It occurs only when any given user in any given path has access to only a single workflow, and it's a workflow modeler workflow. Meaning, if I add another dummy workflow (template or modeler, doesn't matter), everything works fine. Thus, the problem seems to be in the fact that it goes directly to the only available workflow. It also only occurs when launching the workflow using tt_data in CCStd (works fine as a submit).

The problem is this: Launching the workflow using tt_data skips the "select a workflow" piece and goes straight to the instantiation screen for my model (as expected). However, the instantiation screen shows generic garbage (A "Proceed by clicking on next." message) instead of my instantiation screen (tried with both our custom_instantiation and default_config). Note that we're not actually using any data from that screen yet anyway. Clicking on 'next' then leads to an exception:
Failed to instantiate workflow model
Details show the root cause to be
com.interwoven.modeler.common.exceptions.ModelerException: Unable to set value for the system variable: $IW_WORKAREA

Curiously enough, if I then close the exception window, then the "back" button, my instantiation screen shows up fine and then I can proceed with "next" and everything's peachy. Again, this happens only when there's only a single available workflow and it's launched using tt_data. My workflow works just fine otherwise.

Our current workaround is to add an additional dummy workflow so that the "select a workflow" screen shows up and avoids the problem entirely. Clearly this is not suitable for production.


TS 6.7.1 SP1 (WF Modeler
Windows 2003 Server R2

Steps to recreate:
1. Create and publish a workflow model
2. Set available_models and available_templates such that for user X and workarea Y, only this workflow is available.
3. Initiate the workflow using Next (tt_data) in CCStd as user X in workarea Y.
4. Watch the instantiation screen blow up.



  • How about creating a support request?
  • We ran into the similar problem. I have opened a ticket with the support team. They say that we need an updated file. Still currently working with them and will let you know what is the final outcome.

    You may also consider a workaround like adding a dummy workflow to be along with the actual workflow option displayed on the workflow selection screen. Disadvantage is you add one more screen for the Users.
  • Thanks for the info. Glad to hear I'm not imagining things. We've also put in a dummy workflow in place, but the project management doesn't want to go live with it that way.

    Looking forward to your update.

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