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Non-OS Users using external-source

Hey All,

I'll just start off by saying that for reasons beyond my control or complete understanding, I've been asked to see if I can get TeamSite to run with users that are not sourced in the OS, AD or LDAP.

I've been trying to figure out how to use non-OS users stored in an external source and configured with user_databases.xml. According to the Admin guide and even Sunil Menon's post on this thread there's some concept of "URL interface based non-OS user management" but I can't find any documentation stating how to use this feature. I've configured my user_databases.xml file as per the doc and iwtrace.log reports "User database enabled", but that's about all the change I get out of TeamSite... I can't add users other than OS users from the Administration tab in TeamSite, I can't log in as any user that TeamSite doesn't know about, and my URL script never reports being accessed in the slightest bit.

Has anybody used this external-source feature before, or seen any documentation around how to use it?


TS 6.7.1 SP1
Win 2k3 Server


  • under iw-home\conf\roles\examples\ there is an sample_extsrc.readme file which give more information on how to setup a url based user authentication.

    try running this example and modify the ipl to suit your needs.
  • I don't see this file under conf folder. Can you post this file?
  • try doing exactly as specified in the readme,
    I don't understand why you don't have these files,
    These files are shipped in by default with Ts 6.7.1 SP1
  • Ah, hadn't seen those examples. I'll have a look.

  • Hello all!

    TS 6.7.2.
    LS 3.1.0.
    Red Hat (server name is morfeo2)

    I am trying to configure an external-source to get users from a database. I have seen in the example, that a cgi file (using perl) is used. Could be possible to use a JSP file instead of cgi?

    I attach the user_databases.xml and the JSP files I have used to make an attempt that doesn't work.
  • Quick question:

    Where is this JSP hosted ? Teamsite server or some other server ?

    are you able to hit this JSP directly and getting the output ?

    check the access.log on server ...

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