Task Portlet - Date Column Format with no time?

Hey all,

I've added a column to the tasks portlet on the CCStd page to show the workflow's activation date. We really don't care to see the time, so we're trying to take that out. Here's my snippet from ui_custom.xml:

<!-- *snip* --->
<pagedlist id="iw.ccstd.task_list.pagedlist">
<iwov-insert-before id="description">
<column id="wfactivationtime"
label="Date Time Submitted"
type="date" typeFormat="SHORT"
align="middle" />
The typeFormat for dates apparently must be one of [DEFAULT,SHORT,MEDIUM,LONG,FULL] as per the UITK doc for TS6.7.1SP1. SHORT prints out "7/24/08 8:39 PM" while DEFAULT prints out "Jul 24, 2008 8:39:06 PM". Does anyone know of a way to format the date such that it doesn't have the time?


Win2k3 Server SP1
TS 6.7.1 SP1
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