how to present a image based on a value

HI All,
I have got a column that represents "good" and "bad" values, what I would like to do is to show a red circle if the value is "bad" and show a green circle if the value is "good"
I have two images 1. red circle 2. Green circle, how would I do that? or is there a better solution than using images ?



  • Good afternoon! I have a report where I have embedded images that either 'show', or 'hide' depending on what a specific value is. You would just have to set the rule in the 'Visibility' attribute.

    Hope this helps.


  • Scott's suggestion is the typical method. One other way I've seen to do this is to use a keyboard symbol assuming you can find one that meets your requirements. The advantage of a keyboard symbol is that you don't have to manage resources (image files).

    In the attached report, I copied and pasted a symbol from a web page into a computed column. It is not an image. It's a character. (Note: The "customernumber" column in the Data Set is not used. I queried Classic Models just to quickly generate a few rows for the example.)

    There is a Highlight rule on Data element c2 in the table to change the circle red when the value equals "bad".

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Thanks Jeff and Scott, I used the second option :)

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