xCP 16.4 Application – Advanced Viewer is not working in Chrome Browser (version 76)


We are implementing xCP Advance Viewer in xCP 16.4 version. The application is working as expected but the xCP Advance viewer (Brava HTML Viewer) is not working in Chrome Browser(version 76). it is working in Edge and FireFox as expected. Please fine the Chrome Browser console error below,

Appreciate any pointers to resolve this issue.



  • We have resolved this issue. Provided the solution below for any reference.

    This is a bug as mentioned in the Support Note


    We downloaded the patch file from the support note. And updated the xcp-ivf-provider-advancedviewer-16.4.0000.0019.jar inside the xCP Designer and rebuild & redeployed the application to resolve this issue.

    Patch File Downloaded : pat162000600_CS64_WIN.zip

    Target xCP Designer Jar file : $xcpdesigner_16.4\xcpdesigner\maven\designer\com\emc\xcp\xcp-ivf-provider-advancedviewer\16.4.0000.0019\xcp-ivf-provider-advancedviewer-16.4.0000.0019.jar

    Files Moved from the Patch file to the Target JAR file :

    After copying the files rebuild the xCP Application and deployed the same, then the Advance Viewer started working in latest Chrome Browser.

    Note: after updating the JAR delete the .m2 folder under C:/users/ folder

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