Side-by-Side drill-through dynamic report?

I am trying to achieve dynamic drill-through report; using hyper link target, provides option either to open in new tab or replace at same current position [same,parent,whole frame behaves same]
But, I want rather to open second chart at right side of first chart depends on drill hyper link.
Please suggest or provide sample report having this case

Note: how/where parent frame is different from same frame? any example to explain these?


  • Could you please provide your Build Id (Help > About menu) and the chart's Output Type (chart editor Select Chart Type tab).

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Version: 24.4.0 Build id: v20180424
    type is bar chart
    How these are related to HyperLink parentFrame or side-by-side option?

  • Hi Jeff, can you please help me here?

  • Hi Venu,

    Sorry, I lost track of this question. Would it be possible for you to open a support ticket so that we can do a call or screen share to discuss the requirements?

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
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