chart value (Y)s series and Category (Y)s series word wrap

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Is there way to custom word warp (Y)s series and Category (Y)s series, by custom I mean controlling how many world/characters to wrap.



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    The following code wraps the Y Axis labels if they are longer than 6 characters. If you wrap the labels, you might also need to change the Scale settings on the Format Chart tab to avoid overlapping text.

    function beforeDrawAxisLabel( axis, label, icsc )
        var l1 = label.getCaption().getValue();
        var len = l1.length();
        var brk = 6
        if (len > brk) {
           label.getCaption().setValue(l1.substr(0,brk) + "\n" + l1.substr(brk,len));
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  • thanks,
    I have applied the code on the chart > script tab but it make the chart disappear ( when I remove the code chart does appear

  • Most likely the reason the chart is not displaying is because there is a syntax error in your code. I tested the code above and it works properly, so either it did not get copied correctly or there is a different issue with the code. Is there another beforeDrawAxisLabel function defined? Do all of the brackets match? Those are the most common issues.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • I have tested it on a sample classic car database and it works thanks

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