Fixed Headers or Freeze Headers on a table in Designer

I would like to know how to freeze a header label on a table so when you scroll down on the webpage the header on the table is frozen and you can always see the header when scrolling down on the webpage. I have tried using jQuery for this in a text element HTML with this code:
var sticky = $('.sticky'),
scroll = $(window).scrollTop();

if (scroll >= 100) sticky.addClass('fixed');
else sticky.removeClass('fixed');

That didn't work, I also tried using JavaScript in the text element HTML using this code:
window.onscroll = function() {myFunction()};

var header = document.getElementById("myHeader");
var sticky = header.offsetTop;

function myFunction()
if (window.pageYOffset > sticky)

That also didn't work. Can anyone give me a sample of a report that freezes its headers when scrolling down the webpage and not just in a grid but the webpage html?

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