How to control chart ui options using client script on chart level?

Below are ui options to control chart interactivity from viewer object;
var uioptions = viewer.getUIOptions( );

I need them on chart level; example if my report holds two chart, I want to enable these in one right side chart only;
I am expecting these can be set, in client script example beforeDrawAxis, beforeGeneration etc
Please help me giving some sample


  • hi @jfranken
    can you please help me in this regards

  • Hi Venu,

    In the properties for the chart, go to "Bookmark" and add a unique identifier like "myChart1" including the quotes. In the script, get the viewer using the bookmark as the argument:

    var viewer =actuate.getViewer("myChart1");

    I have not tried to dynamically modify those settings, so I don't know if a command like uioptions.enableEditReport(false) works for an individual chart element.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
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