Install Documentum 16.4 database


I'm installing documentum 16.4, and I'm blokced in that step of database home directory. What should i insert in the path?
the sql Server is installed in other server and i'm installing documentum in other server.


  • Hi,
    Do you have the SQL Server Management Studio installed on the Documentum Server host? This prompt appears when the installer cannot find the SQL Client tools.

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

  • No, Should I install the sql server management in the documentum server host?
    And what's SQL Client tools?

  • Hi,
    Yes you will need the SSMS installed on the Documentum host. The client tools are used to connect to the DB and run scripts to create your schema.

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

  • hello,
    I installed sql server in documentum server host, but this prompt of database still appears, What should I specify in the database home directory name?

  • Where is your SQL Server Management Studio directory? You should have a Program Files\SQL Server****\Tools\Binn folder containing sqlcmd.

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

  • Hi,
    According to Installation guide:
    If you install the database on a separate host, also install the database client software on the
    Documentum Server host.
    — For remote database installations, verify that you can connect to the database by using a
    database client from the system where you want to install Documentum Server.
    On a Windows host, the installer updates the system path automatically.


  • Hello,

    Yes it works now, I installed the SSMS on Documentum Server host. But, I have other issue:

    In order to migrate to Documentum 16.4, we had to use an existing database, we have the database user name but we don't remember the database user password. We tried modified the database user password despite this we still had this error at this step:

    thank you for your responses.

  • Hi there,
    If you are migrating to a new server, you first need to create a "blank" repository with the same name and user as the source. Once complete, you would then import your source DB schema to the new and perform the upgrade. You cannot do a new install pointing to a DB with the schema already present. The upgrade and migration guide has the steps for "Copying a repository". This is the process you will want to follow.

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

  • I had this same issue & was only able to resolve it by installing the full MS Database (DB Engine) software on the CS; Only then did the installer automatically pick up the 'database' binn it was looking for. I could not get the installer to recognize ANY other binn folder (SSMS, separate ODBC, etc.)

    Also make sure to create an ODBC on the server (type that in the start menu & pick 64-bit).

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