How do you load a vocab into the teamsite admin

How do you load a custom vocab into the teamsite admin? I created our vocab using metasource editor and then I ran iwloadvocab with the following command.
./iwloadvocab -db /local/apps/metatagger/conf/Taxonomy_test –db_home . -config iwloadvocab.cfg /local/apps/metatagger/conf/Taxonomy_therapy.xml
It created the following files in the DB_HOME directory
However, it did not create a .dsc file that the manual I am using said it would create. When I log into the teamsite administrator the vocabulary does not show up under the vocabulary status page. What should I do to get this vocabulary to show up in the teamsite admin tool?


  • iwloadvocab only creates the indexes needed by MTServer, but you still need to configure the new vocabulary. You need to create an entry for the new vocabulary in metatagger.cfg (you need a new <category> element). This should be covered in the Admin documentation.
    You can use the MT admin GUI to create a new category.

    After adding the new category to the config you can do a Preload vocabs in the MT admin GUI and then it should appear in the vocab status page (only loaded, configured vocabs have status listed).

    Don't worry about the .dsc file...they don't exist anymore.

    The good news is that the above process will be much easier using the MT Studio GUI in MT 3.5.
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