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Applying certain tags to certain files only


env: Metatagger 4.1.3
TeamSite 7.2.1
OpenDeploy Base 7.2.1
Windows 2008 EE

I am wondering if there is a way to apply certain tags from one branch while applying other tags only to another branch?

For example:
/default/main/branch1/WORKAREA/wa1/vendor1/file1.html, file2.html, file3.html
I want to apply only tags
TAG1_1, TAG1_2, TAG1_3, etc....

/default/main/branch2/WORKAREA/wa2/vendor2/file1.html, file2.html, file3.html
I want to apply only tags
TAG2_1, TAG2_2, TAG2_3, etc... without MT applying both TAG1_x and TAG2_x to both branches. Is that possible?



  • Yes.

    We have an xml file in each branch that specifies which values to tag assets with. On the save of a DCR or the import of an asset there is a call out that reads the xml file and sets the appropriete EAs based on the file.

  • Hi Giff,

    Thanks, I can apply certain tags only in certain branch with a workflow. I am sure it can also be done with FormAPI, but I have not done that yet. I was trying to do it with Metatagger, but that doesn't seem as useful as the way Interwoven sales representative makes it. When was the last time Iwov updated that product??
  • Not possible.
    because - Only ONE is allowed in each .cfg file in the 6.0 format

    read more at $IW_HOME/local/config/tagui/rulesets60/README_rulesets60.txt

    Did I answer/got your Q?
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