Error: Lexicon is empty

I’m getting an Error: “Lexicon is empty” when I run the following
Iwgenindex –config phrasetrain.cfg –verbose
<script>tokenize -create -ignorepunctuation -ignorenumbers -stopwords english_stopwords.txt -ignoretags -html; splitter -config english.cfg; index -create -ignorenumbers; index_phrases -create -ignorepunctuation -ignorenumbers -ignoretags</script>

I’m using the same root name in metatagger.cfg and datacapture.cfg… Any suggestions please help


  • This can happen if no documents are getting indexed. Does -verbose mode show documents getting indexed? Also by default, iwgenindex uses the file converters and preprocessors defined in metatagger.cfg. Are the filetypes for the documents you're indexing configured in a <fileType> element in metatagger.cfg?
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