classifier problem

I am trying to get a classifier working for our server but when I run the following command it gives an error message.

./iwtrainclassifier -db /local/apps/metatagger/conf/Taxonomies -db_home . -script /local/apps/metatagger/conf/classify.script.example /tmp/Root.xml

ERROR: Failed to open index '/local/apps/metatagger/conf/Taxonomies_lexicon': Db
:Smiley Surprisedpen: No such file or directory

Should the database name (Taxonomies) correspond to an existing vocab(Which I have as Taxonomy_therapy currently)? For example should I have used Taxonomy_therapy instead of Taxonomies?

Also what does the <uid> tag in the xml "root" file relate to. For example should the uid in the following line relate to a specific term in my vocabulary?

<docid>/tmp/infect disease.txt</docid>
<file>/tmp/infect disease.txt</file>


  • Don't use 'classify.script.example' for training use 'iwtrainclassify.script.example' or just use the iwtrainclassifier defaults (no -script needed).

    The database name you use when running iwtrainclassifier has to match what you put in the <lexicon> element in metatagger.cfg. The database name you use for vocabularies (iwloadvocab) has to match the <dbName> element in metatagger.cfg.

    The <uid> is the correct category for the training example and should match a UID in your taxonomy.
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