which version of OPENAPI am i using?

Hi friends,
I have two question regarding the metadata.

I have installed teamsite 5.5.2 successfully
right now iam working on openapi and would like to know the version which is installed along with the teamsite5.5.2.
and how do i cross check the same??
if i want to change the same to latest 1.5.2 will i be able to do ?

when i see the openapidoc.jar, the version which it has is 1.5.1 (javadoc version)..

and also suggest me which one would be the best part to get metadata for any file we have.is it staging or edition or workarea.?

is openapi is capable of getting the metadata from staging only or edition only or workarea only.

iam unable to use
for the same ..
please send me the right direction to do the same..

thanks a lot
but it is
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