iwmetadata.cgi in a workflow

Hi Guys,

Im know I probably could just try this out myself, however our metadata hasnt been configured yet and I have a simple question that im sure someone has been through.

If i tack on a cgi task for iwmetatadata.cgi after a user contributor task, can iwmetadata.cgi handle multiple files attached to the workflow (being able to individually set seperate metatadata for each) and how does metadata assignment work?

If a dcr is submitted the corresponding html page is attached. what does iwmetadata.cgi work on?... both?.. or just the html page... or just the dcr?... which is more appropriate to house the metadata? what is the best practice in getting this all down pat.

The admin manual seems to describe that it can be all done, I would just like to hear peoples experiences and use of the tool.
Your help would be much appreciated

I have also posted this under workflow

Sydney, Australia
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