Using version 9 imanage.dll with legacy asp/vbscript

We have some legacy asp sites that use the iManage api to open/export documents and read profile information.  We recently tested these sites by replacing the version 8.5 imanage.dll with version 9.  The sites all fail on trying to

set objNRTDMS = server.createobject("Imanage.NRTDMS").


The dll is registered, and the old version was unregistered first.


Does anyone know why this would fail?  Does version 9 introduce a different syntax, or are there other steps we need to take?





  • the legacyAPI should still be there, souds like it's not registered correctly.  The other option is to use newer api objects like iManage.iManDMS rather than iManage.NRTDMS.

  • Where can I get a copy of the api documentation for version 9?

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