Can't stop / suppress WorkSite Save As Option Dialog in Office 2013

I am now developing word template customization by vba in Ms office 2013 with WorkSite 9.0.28. 




When I press "Save As" Button, it always show Work Site Save As Dialogue automatically,



but I must need to stop / suppress to showing this Work Site Save As Dialogue, because I want to call my customized vba logic instead of this dialogue.



1) This "Save As" Button must be keep because it need to be used in some of my other customized word templates.

2) I have already try the event handler in vba such as:

Private Sub XXXXX_DocumentBeforeSaveAsOptions(ByVal Doc As Variant, IgnoreIManageSave As Boolean)

but still can't solve the problem


May you please kindly give me advices if you have any ideas? Thanks very much!



  • Hi,


    Not sure if this will help, but you may have a registry setting which is preventing the normal behvior of the button.


    If I look in my registry settings, under the following:


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Interwoven -> Worksite -> 8.0 -> integration -> menusettings


    There is an option "LocalSaveAs". Edit this entry from "N" to "Y".

    Once you restart word you will see another save option in the menu "Local Save As" and it should work.

  • Hello Ric, thanks for your suggestion.

    But is there any solution to stop the dialog by vba coding?

    It is because I just want to enable it in part of word templates instead of all.

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