Object Moniker (ObjectId) for Folders

I've been digging around trying to find out how to properly format the ObjectId for a folder but haven't found anything.


I'm trying to access calls like getSubFolders and getFolderContents via the API.  I'm able to connect just fine and can perform searches, open documents etc.  I've seen the following examples but neither are working for me:


!nrtdms:0:!session:[SERVER]:!database:[DATABASE]:!folderSmiley Surprisedrdinary,[prj_id]:



Either of those results in the following error: Unable to access the object. It may have been deleted or you may not have security access.


I'm using the admin account for connecting (while testing) so permissions aren't an issue.  I can generate that error by passing in valid or invalid prj_id's, or nothing at all in the ObjectId.


Any thoughts?


  • Finally got back around to this and sorted it so thought I'd post my results.


    The correct format of the object moniker for worksite web's API was indeed: !nrtdms:0:!session:[SERVER]:!database:[DATABASE]:!folderSmiley Surprisedrdinary,[prj_id]:


    Turns out I was submitting a parameter named ObjectId instead of ObjectID which was returning the unhelpful error message I was getting.


    Hope that helps someone else out!

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