lscs deployment crash the idol service on runtim 7.3.2

all of the sudden the deployment are failing. the LSCS deployment on runtime crashes the idol services( it stops) and the deployment are rolled back.

Any idea???


  • post lscs log.
  • Attached is the lscs log.
  • 04-05-13 @ 10:58:21 [ERROR] IdolSearchDaoRuntimeImpl - handleDbSync(): failed to sync DB.
    java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to http://localhost:10010 refused
    at com.interwoven.wcm.iwrr.dao.idol.IdolACI.executeQuery(

    Idol is not running, post the logs in the Idol folder.
  • Attached are the logs. The Idol service crashes anytime the deployment happens or if I run the lscs query on projects. it was working fine and now its not working
  • Sounds like the DB or the project are out of sync.

    No errors in any of the logs, you may have to drop the project. What does debugpanel show ? Anything strange in diags or status ?
  • The debug pannel if the service is up it shows fine.

    If I drop the project do I need to redeploy everything?
    also can you direct me what command I need to run to drop the project?

  • If you drop the project yes you need to redeploy everything. Since you have posted nothing that can pinpoint an error I am at a loss as to where to go, which is why I suggested that.

    You may want to do a drecompact first, but to do that you need to be able to connect to idol on port 10011 which is not working. Check the support site for instructions on both
  • Also - consider adding DRECOMPACT directives to your IDOL configuration file - we ran into a bunch of problems which ended up being resolved by running DRECOMPACT manually, and the problems seemed to stop showing up once we added the directive to the configuration file.

    Basically you can add something like the following to the config file in the idol directory (I don't remember the name of the file off-hand, not on a TS system right now):
  • Thanks everyone. The Drecompact fixed the issue
  • Hi Vend2804,


    Can you please let me know the path of the idol configuration where you have changed Drecompact? I am facing the same problem, but I am not able to figure out the idol configuration path.

    Vinod Goud

  • Check LiveSiteCSRT/idol/IWLSCSContent.cfg

    Also check the online IDOL documentation (not sure if there's a newer / better [HP] URL)

  • Hello ghoti,



    I am facing same issue, and I have few questions regarding the implementation of solution.


    After updating the LiveSiteCSRT/idol/IWLSCSContent.cfg the file with below change. Do I need to restart the idol and tomcat?




    If the change works, do I need to remove above lines from configuration?




  • I beleive an Idol restart is required for that to take effect.


    No do not remove those items.  You'll want to run drecompact daily. This change will do that for you

  • hello Andy,


    Thanks for the reply!


    I updated the configuration file and restarted the tomcat, but I am still seeing the same error. 





    [[email protected] bin]# curl http://localhost:1876/lscs/v1/admin/status
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <adminResponse xmlns=""
    xsi:schemaLocation=" iwrr.xsd"
    <repository name="Search Server Repository"
    description="org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to http://localhost:10010 refused"
    <repository name="Database Repository"

  • Thank you so much Andy! The deployments are working now.

  • Looks like you figured it out, but Idol was down. 

  • Hi, We are facing similar issue and DRECompact is fixed the issue for couple of hours but idol process keeps crashing again as we restart/execute drecompact. Please suggest.

  • Open a new thread with specifics, OS, LSCS version, etc. Post the logs from LSCS and Idol

  • Sure. Thanks Andy

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