Upgrade to DeskSite 9 / Office 2013 - Issue with custom footer

Hello there -  I am in need of some assistance please!  I am not very familiar with DeskSite, but I am a web developer and also am in charge of maintaining our custom WORD templates and ribbon.

We are currently using Office 2010 and DeskSite 8.5 - but are in the process of getting ready to upgrade to DeskSite 9.0 and Office 2013.

In WORD, we currently use the custftClassic_Standard07.dotm template to apply a custom footer to our documents after saving them into DeskSite: Library/Doc#/v# format.

While testing my templates in the new environment, (DeskSite 9/Office 2013) the footer is not being updated in the document after intial Save into DeskSite.  If you close the document and reopen from DeskSite, the footer update is applied then.  It's just after intial Save that it is not working.  There is no error and I have not found anything while trying to debug. 

I did try using the new custft_classic_standard(85SP3U2-9x).dotm template file and still haven't had any luck.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is there a new sink object call for the inital Save into DeskSite for version 9 / Office 2013?

Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks, Terri




  • Hi,

    8.5 Sp3 Update 4 has a new .Net interface for Worksite in VBA, but there is a backwardly compatiable COM object in 9, so it should work. Judging by the fact it connects to worksite on Open makes it harder to diagnose without seeing the code, as you must be concting to the legcy com object if it works.

    I'd avoid macros these days, go for a VSTO addin, Microsoft planning to drop VBA soon. We have a addin we can sell, but id doesn't take long to develop



  • I've narrowed the issue down - the sink PostOnOK events are not firing, which it what calls my footer code.


    For example this sink event fires:


    Private Sub objExtensibilitySink_OnCreateNewProfile( _
            ByVal objImportCmd As Object)
        Dim objActiveNRTDocument As IManage.NRTDocument
        Set objActiveNRTDocument = _
        If Not objActiveNRTDocument Is Nothing Then
        End If
           Set objImportCmdSink = objImportCmd
    End Sub


    But then this is NOT firing:


    Private Sub objImportCmdSink_PostOnOK(ByVal pMyInterface As Object)
        Dim objDocument As IManage.NRTDocument
        Set objDocument = objImportCmdSink.Context("ImportedDocument")
        FootActiveDocument objDocument, "Import"
    End Sub



    Same thing with the OnCreateNewVersion and objNewVersionCmdSink_PostOnOK  --  first sub runs but then the PostOnOK does not.


    Any idea why the PostOnOK events would not fire?


    Thanks, Terri 

  • Correction:   The OnCreateNewVersion sink object is working correctly.


    Only the OnCreateNewProfile sink object is not working correctly.

  • Hi,

    I've not had an opportunity to try you code out in a test environment to see if i can spot the issue, can I suggest you submit to the suppot forums at worksitesuport.autonomy.com/worksite? There's a bit more activity there.


    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for the suggestion!!

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