Add a document to my matters folder



I am not able to search a workspace specifically with Matter ID .Iam not sure what Profile search parameter has to be passed.


I am not able to add  a searched document to My Matters. I have been through a lot of website but have not been able to find any solution..



db = sess.Databases.ItemByName("somedb");



IManWorkspaceSearchParameters srchparam = sess.DMS.CreateWorkspaceSearchParameters();


IManFolderSearchParameter bla = srchparam.ItemByIndex(1);


IManProfileSearchParameters oManProfileSearchParameters = sess.DMS.CreateProfileSearchParameters(); 


IManFolders oWorkspace = db.SearchWorkspaces(oManProfileSearchParameters, srchparam);

/*my oWorkspace  has a count more than 1 but not the one I need so I want to search specifally with MatterId and then add that document to MyMatters. When it gets added to my Matters then I want to add a document .*/


  • My matters can onl contain WorkSpaces, you cannot add a Document or Folder to this container.  My Favoites can have documents as well as workspaces

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