Are wildcard searches possible with version 8.5 or version 9 api?

We have a need to be able to do wildcard searches against certain custom tables because of the way the values sometimes change.  I see some very old posts here that say wildcard searches are not supported, but is that still the case?  If not, is there some documentation explaining how to do it?


  • Wildcard Searches are supported, we hve it set by default in our code. Append and Suffix the search string with *

  • I was posting this question for a colleague and did not correctly understand his question at first.  It seems he's aware that an asterisk can be used for something like a title search, but it doesn't appear to work when searching on custom attributes.  Should wildcard searches be possible when searching on attributes?

  • Yes. For example, if you type Word* into the Document Type attribute when searching, it will return both Word and WordX document types.  This is assuming you have not disabled wildcard searching on your server

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