Error in worksite installation. Cabinet file has invalid signature

Hi ,

We are getting the below error while installing Worksite.

"Error 1330. A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file C:\Interwoven\Worksite9.0 server\Server_9.0.1.14\ has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt.Error 266 was returned by Winverify Trust"

We got the below response from Autonomy, even after following the steps still the same error persists. Please help

"The root cause of this issue is that Microsoft needs to have the updated Root Certificate Authorities (CA) in the environment. The installer needs to verify the digital signature of during the installation and if the Root CA’s are not updated, the installer would fail.

To address this issue, either update the machine through Microsoft Windows updates or follow the instructions in the last section of this Microsoft KB article
( to update the root certificate as required.

Root certificates on WINDOWS VISTA and later (WINDOWS 7) are distributed via the automatic root update mechanism – that is, per root certificate. To the user, a successful root update is seamless. The user does not see any security dialog boxes or warnings. The download happens automatically.

WINDOWS XP does not fully support the automatic root update mechanism: when a root certificate is already present on a user’s system, it will not be updated even if the copy of the root certificate available on Microsoft Update has changed. Windows XP also does not support the weekly pre-fetching of certificate properties from Microsoft Update feature, and the only way to install new root certificate properties on Windows XP is by installing the root update package.

For detailed technical information about how Windows updates root certificates in Windows Vista and in later versions, visit the following website:

From the aforementioned description, it appears you will need to install the Root Certificate update via Windows Update for Windows 7 machines. I would recommend contacting Microsoft Support regarding additional information and confirmation on the installation of Root Certificates."


  • You need to update windows so it can trust more recent application packages, what's the problem?
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