IWOVServices - web service



I am trying to use the web service to search documents in worksite (totally new to this and hence very challenging). Where can I find some documentation on this?


I saw few posts where an object of IWOVServices is created. The asmx I have added does not expose such a class 'IWOVServicesSoap' or IWOVServicesSoapChannel. Am I missing something here?


Any help would be highly appreciated.




  • There's a Worksite SDK, which can be purchased from your Worksite partner.  This includes documentation on the Worksite Web SOAP api, as wel as the desktop COM api.  There's also a new REST based API being introduced with the new IOS Mobility server 9.1

    There's aslo a samples folder in the Worksite Web installation which includes a sample C# app for using the SOAP api, although the documentation helps greatly :-)

    Hope this helps

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