Tagging Multiple Categories


Trying to Tag a DCR with multiple Categories. Calling the below callout in my tagging UI.

I notice 2 things.
After I tag, the tags are being stored as

hs1dvs03:/Return Visitorhs1dvq1h:/Credit Balance Exists

As you can see there is no delimeter between the 2 Categories.
After I deploy the DCR to LSDS, In the properties of the DCR, I see the metadata value as hs1dvs03:/Return Visitorhs1dvq1h and that is the reason I think that there is a need for delimeter. Also for the same case, when I again go in and try to edit the Tag, it only shows me 1 of them selected in the Tag UI though the value of the field shows both Categories.

Is there a way to specify what the delimeter should be? or is may be I am doing something wrong?


TeamSite 7.3.2


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