Cannot call CreateDocument due to Flat Space Filing Restrictions

I'm trying to create a document in the DMS, set some attributes, then check it in. This worked great until we disallowed flat-space filing. Now I have to specify a workspace folder before I can save, but I can't seem to figure out how to do so.

With flat space filing allowed, I can create the document, then add it to the appropriate folder, but with this disallowed, I need to do both at once.

Here is the relevant portion of my code:
lcDoc = mcDatabase.CreateDocument()
lcDoc.Security.DefaultVisibility = imSecurityType.imView
lcDoc.Security.GroupACLs.Add("INFORMATION_TECHNOLOGY", imAccessRight.imRightAll)
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileDescription, FileName)
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileAuthor, msUserID)
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileOperator, msUserID)
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileType, "ANSI")
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileClass, "ADMIN")
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileCustom1, ClientID)
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileCustom2, MatterID)
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileCustom10, "060")
lcDoc.Profile.SetAttributeByID(imProfileAttributeID.imProfileCustom14, DMSServerName)

' Fails here with error: [Folder ][AddDocument ]Operation requested on a record that does not exist.
DirectCast(loFolder, NRTFolder).AddDocument(DirectCast(lcDoc, NRTDocument))

' If I comment out the line above, this line returns a failure:
' This operation is currently not available due to flatspace filing restrictions.
Dim lcResults As IManCheckinResult = lcDoc.CheckInWithResults(lsFilePath, imCheckinDisposition.imCheckinNewDocument, imCheckinOptions.imDontKeepCheckedOut)

Thanks for your help!


  • Kevin

    I'm not sure if you've managed to resolve this but we had the same problem which got introduced with a 9 server back end. The only way we managed to resolve it was to re-program the document import to use


    and pass it the contextitem pair "DestinationObject", iFldr

    where ifldr is an imanage.imandocumentfolder

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