Enable workflow initialization options based on roles or groups permission

Dear Team,


I have a requirement to enable certain options in workflow initialization screen based on the user roles or groups permission.


For e.g. When we initialize publish livesite content workflow we see Review Required? option for production node. I want to enablet Review Required? for all the users except few user for production node. Those few users should be able to deploy to production withour reviewers.


Kindly help me to achieve the above requirement.



Dharshak sagar


  • I would suggest taking the WFM developers course.  This is not a difficult task if you know what you are doing.


    Does anyone at your compony know whot to customize a workflow?  You can add a conditional task for certian users around the approval step.  Of course there may be other side effects that you encounter, but you will have to deal with them

  • Thanks for your response nipper.


    My requirement is to restrict / hide few feilds in the workflow initialization screen based on the user roles & permissions.



    Dharshak Sagar

  • There's a file called custom_instantiation.cfg that controls this screen, which is nothing more than a DCT that "saves" the result differently. You can modify that file with the logic you require.

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