WorkSite - adding button to EMM toolbar problem in Filesite 9 update 6 MR

Hi, in the past we have written a custom command that adds a button to the Filesite EMM toolbar. We had put it right next to the Workspace search button by editing this registry key:




The custom command was working for all versions of Filesite up to Filesite 9 update 5. When try it on Filesite 9 Update 6 MR (with the patch) it does not appear on the EMM toolbar any more.

There are standard EMM commands that come after my button (to the right) on the EMM toolbar do not appear either. It is as if there was an error loading my custom command and the ones after it do not lead either.


Does anyone know how to get a custom command added to the EMM toolbar or know if there is a known issue with this in Filesite 9 update 6 MR?



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