Can we use a .page to map with a tab?


I just now added a new tab after sitemap and pointed this to a .html and its working.

Is it possible to map the tab content to a .page file? If yes, where I've to keep the .page

TS 7.3.1


  • Technically yes, since you can point the tab at any URL you want. If your page is published to a runtime server, then the answer is trivial so I'm guessing yours is only within TeamSite. In that case, try using /iw-cc/previewfile?vpath=/default/main/blah/blah/
  • It worked. Thanks.


    Is there a way to make all other fileds as hidden/ readonly, explicitely.

    In preview mode it has lot of options to Edit the page etc.. we should block these operations explicitely. If not possible we will use a .html out of this .page.

  • You won't be able to hide the preview toolbar, no. For that, you'd have to point at the inner frame, for which the URL uses a generated seed, so you can't know that ahead of time (unless you point at a custom script/servlet that dynamically figures it out, but that's unsupported and probably needlessly complicated). If you can deal with pointed at a generated HTML, that's probably your best bet.

  • You are right, hiding preview fields is a another job.


    okay, I need pointers to map the generated .html?

    I tried the path as /iw-mount/default/location/to/WA/html/A/B/output.html --- No luck.


    If I just place my .html explicitely in /web/ folder of customer src, it worked.



    Regards, Aneel

    TS7.3.1 with SitePublisher installation

  • If you want to point to the copy in the workarea, just preview it first, then X the visualpreview toolbar, and then whatever's in your browser's address bar is what you want to use.


    (something like /iw/cci/no-injection/default/main/etc)

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