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At may company we use Worksite and I have figured out that it is possible to link to individual documents by using the format:


<a href="iwl://iwl:dms=companyDM&lib=COMPANYDB&num=3532202&ver=1&latest=1">Link to document</a>


What I want to do is to create the same type of links to spefific matters and folders. The NRL link would be of the type:



 I have tried different variations but I am unable to translate this to a html link and also unable to find any documentation. Does anyone have any hints on how that could be done?



  • Hi there,


    If you are looking for help with WorkSite, you can find it here (this section will be removed shortly):


    The login info is the same as that for the support site.


    Try this syntax:




    Note that it's the same syntax (with folder=) for both workspaces and folders, ie anything in MHGROUP.PROJECTS.


    I believe that the documentation for the iwl: syntax is in the iOS mobility client documentation.

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